Mirror: Solaris


Solaris goes beyond mere prettiness to sharpen one’s senses in a way that once again reminds me of AMM. Here’s hoping this record does so well that Mirror have no choice but to reissue their entire back catalog to the masses in all formats.” — Bill Meyer, Dusted Magazine

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Solaris is a wash of mutated, overcast sound shadows. Mirror (Christoph Heeman and Andrew Chalk) have done their penance in more formats than I can remember. Here, the introspective is cast asunder as roots peep from the dusty earth. One long 40 minute+ track, recorded in Germany and released by one year old Texan label, Idea Records. Idea gives the recording quality treatment in its mini LP-like heavy duty cardboard and safe-keeping inner slipsleeve. There lurks a curious evil, just barely audible, just beyond our reach.

Since the 1980s Heeman and Chalk have collectively worked with the most provocative sound artists of our time including Organum, Jim OíRourke, Current 93 and Merzbow. This pairing  developed back in 1999 has continued to develop works of intimate stridency. Distant metallic bowing and random rattling charm the lazy ear as barren samples are ghosted in an instant. There is an intriguing complexity and primal, spiritual quality to the layers of subdued drones here. Solaris feels composed in its own wilderness.

The only slight reference I can recall here might be Arvo Prt’s esoteric Fratres, but even that is a longshot reflection from what is revealed inside. The natural and material worlds meet in a jolting, uneasy mirror of themselves. (TJN)

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