Daisuke Suzuki: D.D.D.

“Duck! Duck! Duck!”
Recording date: Winter 1997 at Zenpukuji Lake, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo.
Recorded with a sony digital audio tape-recorder TCD-D8, and an Aiwa stereo microphone CM-53.

“Cricket Voice”
Recording date: Audumn 1996 at Saginomiya, Nakano-Ku, Tokyo.
Recorded with a Sony digital audio tape-recorder TCD-D8, and a Sony stereo microphone ECM-909A.
Mastered by Gary Todd @ Cortical Foundation



Daisuke Suzuki is mostly known as the proprietor of Siren Records in Japan, home to some amazing drone records from the likes of Jonathan Coleclough and Andrew Chalk (including the universally acclaimed “Sumac” album). But Daisuke has also contributed sound works on occasion to Ora (the loose collective of Chalk, Darren Tate, Colin Potter, Coleclough, and others). “D.D.D.” marks Daisuke’s first solo project as well as the debut release from Idea records, beginning a series of vinyl only field recording releases. The first side of this album features two recordings that Daisuke made at Zenpukuji Lake in Tokyo, where the winter ducks had been congregating, quacking, splashing, and generally being obnoxiously cute. The ducks themselves seemed to have been very interested in Daisuke’s recording gear, as you hear them closing in on the microphone, bumping into it,and diving off he lake. The second side of the album features the choral chirps and striations of late night crickets. Great care has been taken to get these recordings to be as good as they can be, and puts “D.D.D.” up with the Douglas Quin and Bernie Krause field recordings. Be warned this is a super limited production, and we got the *last* five copies available.
– Aquarius Records


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